Fish House Insurance

Protecting Your Ice House

Our affordable policies help you keep your fish house protected on the road and on the ice. Eagle Insurance offers a comprehensive fish house program with specialized coverages and competitive prices.

There are a couple options when it comes to insuring your fish house. One option is to schedule it on your home policy, which can be an affordable option. However, the contents would be subject to the deductible on the policy. Also, if the fish house should break through the ice, recovery of the fish house may not be covered under a home policy.

A separate option would be to insure the fish house under its’ own policy. A specialty policy can cover damage to the fish house, coverage for your contents and fishing equipment as well as retrieval if the fish house should ever go through the ice. This specialty coverage may cost a little more, but when looking at the additional coverages, the additional premium may well be worth the time and investment you have in your fish house. 

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