Business Owner Insurance

Options That Fit Your Needs

As an Independent Trusted Choice Agency, Eagle Insurance searches multiple carriers to find the best rates for the coverages you are looking for. We work with you to identify your insurance needs and use our access to multiple companies to deliver the product you are looking for. Having multiple companies allows us the opportunity to perform the due diligence that you deserve in obtaining coverage for your business.

Depending upon your business and its exposures, we offer solutions that keep your business protected through liability coverage and property coverage. Depending on what your business is, there are different policies available to protect your business. Coverage can be obtained through a BOP which is like a homeowner but for a business owner. These policies are prepackaged with property coverage, general liability coverage, products completed as well as other coverages that address business income, valuable papers and records, debris removal, outdoor property and signs and much more.
Another way to insure your business is with a commercial package policy that is similar to a BOP but is more tailored to fit your needs as each business has its own coverage needs and requirements. For some businesses, the only need may be general liability insurance and that can be done as well. Through the quoting process and risk assessment, we work with underwriters from multiple companies to obtain a policy that addresses the needs of your business. 

Optional coverages can include

Equipment Breakdown

Many systems and machinery provide crucial support for day-to-day business operations. Without the right insurance protection, an equipment outage or breakdown could disrupt a company’s ability to operate and result in significant financial losses.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Applies to all employees of an insured business, including temporary, part-time, full-time, seasonal, volunteers and independent contract workers. Enhanced coverage protects the policyholder against both punitive damages and inappropriate third-party conduct.

Liquor Liability

Provides your business with liability protection from exposures arising from the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto

Many business owners use vehicles for work that they don’t own. Whether you’re renting, leasing or borrowing a car for business purposes, you’ll face risks on the road and can help cover property damage or bodily injury that your business caused to someone else in an accident.

Cyber liability insurance

Often referred to as ‘Cyber Insurance’ or ‘Data Breach Insurance’, comes into play to protect your business. It covers the costs to your business in the case of a data breach or cyber-attack and any legal claims brought against your business.

Crime Insurance

Is a form of risk management that protects a business from the loss of property, money, or merchandise business-related crimes may cause. It allows the company to file claims following the occurrence of criminal offenses that have the potential to ruin the business financially, such as securities theft, robbery, embezzlement, forgery, or other similar crimes.
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